Monday, September 12, 2011

Every Member a Missionary

Fengjia Night Market where we contact people!
Hello family and friends,
Wow it is always so good to hear from you all!  Dad, thanks for your letter and stories.  I always learn so much from them.  Mom, thanks for you letter as well.  I really enjoyed hearing the words from our wonderful Prophet about 9/11.  Anthony, enjoy your new area.  You said its a huge ward?  I can't wait to attend a big ward.  It just doesn't feel right only having like 50 people at church.  Spencer, hope your hip gets feeling better.  Enjoy school though!  I see all the college students here and it kind of makes me miss it.  Julia, you've always been a workhorse in sports...well most of the time.  But it seems to me like you really are enjoying volleyball.  Work your hardest and they'll see your talent and put you in varsity :)  Landon, I can't wait to get my duct tape wallet. So not much happened this week, but here are the highlights of this week.
So this past Wednesday we met with a really awesome person, Brother Chen.  He was a referral for us and he is such a nice guy.  Right now he believes in pretty much every religion, but is willing to learn from us.  We taught him a bit of the 1st lesson and gave him a Book of Mormon.  He was so interested in reading it and asked if he could mark the things he liked in the book.  We were like "Of course!"  So we got talking with him and he absolutely loves soccer.  He showed us all his trophies and everything.  He even had an actual soccer ball from the 2006 World Cup in Germany.  AWESOME!!! It made me miss soccer sooo much.  Anyway, he is willing to learn more from us and he has already set up like five dinner appointments with us ha ha.
Friday was so awesome!  Let me explain a little.  So we have been trying to work better with the ward here, and so we set up an activity for the youth.  So our activity was to have a bbq and then do the "Dan Jones" with them in the FengJia nightmarket.  Well, everything went well until none of the youth decided to show up.  Didn't go as we had planned.  Well, earlier that day we had a bbq with a family in our ward and we told them about the activity we were doing that night.  The family consisted of the mom and four little girls, all under the age of 10.  They ended up showing up and did the activity with us.  They stood on chairs and would yell "Come to Church." They would run up to every person they saw and gave out all our missionary tracts.  It was so cute! haha.  So the statement "Every member is a missionary" really is true.  No matter how old you are, everyone can help build up the kingdom of God. 
Saturday was awesome as well.  So last week on exchanges, Elder Johnson and Elder Zheng came across a nice old man, Brother Wei.  I don't know much about his situation, but lately he has had a lot of back problems I guess, and is in a lot of pain.  We figured we would give him a priesthood blessing.  We explained the purpose of these blessings and he was willing to let us perform it.  It was such a powerful blessing and the Spirit truly was there.  We then gave him a Book of Mormon and he really wants to learn more.  So we'll see how things go with him.
So that’s it.  I hope that all of you have a fun, safe week. Elder Smith   p.s. if you ever need gifts and want anything from here, just tell me and I can get it.  Items at the night market are really cheap so... :)