Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Six Months . . . What? Already?

The days go by slow, the weeks go by fast, and the months seem to go even faster.  Wow!  This past week I hit my 6 month mark.  Looking back to when I entered the MTC seemed like forever ago, but yet it has gone by so fast.  I'm grateful for this time and I'm enjoying every second of it.  Not a whole lot happened this past week, so lets get right on into it.
Tuesday we sat down with a very interesting fellow.  We had met him at the grocery store and he started talking about coke, or something like that.  Well we sat down with him and he just started talking about what he bought on ebay.  It was weird.  Told us he bought a 50 trillion Zimbabwe dollar bill on ebay for 100 kuay (about 3 US dollars).  Told us he had sent it to Africa to see if it was real and to get his money.  During all this we were trying to teach him the Message of the Restoration.  After everything we talked about he would say, "I'll get baptized when I get my money."--Very interesting guy. 
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday were really tough to try to sit down with people.  It has been raining the past couple days, and so we already knew all our lessons would fall through.  The people here absolutely hate going out in the rain.  Don't know why, but they just do.  However, we were able to sit down with one of our progressing investigators, Chen dixiong.  He has been so good lately, very shy, but very willing to keep his commitments.  We gave him a baptismal goal, so hopefully I'm still in the area to see it!  Sorry there ain't much else... 
I'm working my best and I'm loving every second of it.  The language is still slowly coming, but it has been amazing to see how the Lord has put word's into my mouth to say.  This truly is the Lord's work and I'm grateful for this wonderful privilege to serve.  Just like Anthony said, now is the time for Spencer and Landon, and maybe even Julia, to prepare to serve a mission.  He was 100% right on how you can prepare: daily scripture study, daily prayer, and going to church weekly.  So simple, right?  "by small and simple things are great things brought to pass." (Alma 37:6)  Love you all and can't wait to hear how things will be with a RM in the home!! 
This question is for mom, dad, other family members, neighbors, etc... In 3-4 sentences, how has the Gospel of Jesus Christ blessed your family? I'm just curious because I run into a lot of people who say family (ancestors) are important, and so I would like some "wise words" from parents and older-ish people to share with the people here how this gospel can bless them. Thank you!!!
Love, Elder Smith