Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Wish We Could Have Baptized Her in the Ocean :)

Beach in KenDing!
Baptism of Pan JM
Elder Field, Pan JM, Elder Smith (me!)
Hello Everyone,
This week was simply amazing and so I wanna get right on into it.  Our preparation day was spent relaxing on the beach in KenDing (down at the very very very bottom of Taiwan).  Wow it has been forever since I was last at a beach.  The weather was perfect and the waves kept on crashing in, oh I was so tempted to jump in and start swimming.  Maybe next time we can get away with it by having a baptism there... Anyway, after p-day was over, we had such a good lesson with one of our progressors, Zheng dx, on the word of wisdom.  He is super willing to live every commitment that we give him, and has no real problem with any of them.
Tuesday started off with a long and bumpy bus ride up to our District Training Meeting, and then an even longer, bumpier bus ride back to our area.  These bus rides are getting better and better, meaning I get less sick every time.  So later on that night we sat down with one of our less-active families and taught them about the heroes we have in our lives, Book of Mormon heroes, and then the best hero we could ever have, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  This lesson really helped me realize all the heroes that I have and have had in my life. 
Wednesday we found a super super super awesome investigator.  Turns out that our plans for half the day fell through, and so it resulted in us contacting for half the day. If they hadn't fallen through, we probably never would have found this man.  He was helping with some construction on the super old wall that surrounds HengChun and he was resting in his car for a bit.  He is actually Presbytyrian? or Protestant.  I don't know what it is in English haha but yeah..  So we taught him the Message of the Restoration and he just went off on how it all made sense to him.  He was so awesome and wanted to come to church with us this Sunday!
Friday was my second favorite day of the week.  We ended up going on exchanges with the Zone Leaders, and who did I end up going with?... My trainer, Elder Johnson!  I was so excited to go back with him for a short while to proselyte just like the good ol' days.  I learned so much from him on how I can be a better missionary. 
Saturday, my favorite day of the week, we baptized Pan JM!!!  It was such a wonderful baptism and everything went so smoothly.  It could have been in the ocean, but the weather was too cold to do so.  Darn!  She was a bit nervous for it all, but all went well.  I'm so glad I've had the chance to see her change and to help her enter the path that leads back to our Heavenly Father.  
It has been such a wonderful week, and I hope for many more just like it.  I hope you all have fun in school, at work, etc... I'm grateful for all of your prayers and support!  
Love, Elder Smith