Sunday, May 20, 2012

More Will Hopefully Come

Enjoying a hike on P-day
Hello family and friends,
 How are you all today?  I'm doing just fine and enjoying life here in HengChun where its forever spring.  Just wanted to remind my Landon by saying congrats on the BIG 12 and getting the Priesthood this past week.  And mom, again, Happy Mother's day!  That's about it, lets get right on into this week.
 Monday was an amazing day.  First of all, I absolutely loved talking to each of you and seeing your faces.  As we began proselyting, we fell into our normal routine of finding some people to teach.  We ended up running into a small family and talked and ate some fruit with them.  I had run into the dad of the family a lot while he was out exercising, but never had much time to chat with him.  Well, they knew we were the missionaries and they wanted to know why we were different.  That led right on perfectly into the Restoration and the Book of Mormon.  Invitations were given and they said we could come over anytime to chat with them.  We've been praying that we would have a miracle and that we could actually find somebody to let us visit with them, and we're hoping it is this family.  More will hopefully come from them. 
 Tuesday was another great day to travel for District Training Meeting.  Today we learned about the nature of our loving Heavenly Father, and how we can better teach that.  It was really good.  On the way home I came back with a different companion, Elder Morgan, for companion exchanges.  We had another great day of contacting and teaching about our Heavenly Father.  We ran into a man named Zhang, who works at a glasses/contact store, and talked with him for a bit.  However, it was interrupted several times due to customers coming in and out.  Things got so hectic that we ended up leaving because he was left super busy.  However, this man has visited with missionaries in the past, and is willing to learn more.  More will hopefully come from him.
 Thursday was a wonderful day to have rain.  From when we woke up until we went to bed, the rain did not stop.  But, the rain will never stop the work of God from moving forward.  Today we stopped by my good friend qingsong(relaxed) Chen.  He is probably the most relaxed guy in the world.  I have mentioned him in letters beforehand...  He is a retired 50 year old man who wakes up each day to watch his stocks remain the same, watch tv, and sleep.  Without going into too much detail, he doesn't want us meeting more than once every two weeks because it'll bring pressure for him to join his church.  Well, last time we visited him he had mentioned he half believes in God and half doubts.  Today we let the scriputres do all the talking.  We shared about faith and read how his faith can grow.  With the few verses we shared with him, he said he is willing to go "plant" those good seeds, and wondered how he could start and said  "prayer?"  He nailed it on the head.  He said that praying often wouldn't bring to much pressure into his life, and he could already tell that it was a "good seed."  More will hopefully come from him.
 Well, although we haven't been able to see success in the form of baptisms or progressing investigators every day, I have seen small steps of success within myself and within my companionship.  We have some great people that we are trying to work with, and hopefully more will come with them.  I know that faith is a huge part of missionary work and it was by the faith of Nephi and Lehi that changed the hearts of the Lamanites (Ether 12:14).  I also know that miracles will only proceed after  the trial of our faith.  I'm continuing to grow my faith in myself, in these wonderful people of Taiwan, and in my Savior Jesus Christ.  No matter how hard this work is, I absolutly love it.  I'm grateful that I have another year to serve amoung these people, and look forward to all the many miracles, big and small, that are up ahead.  I love you all :)
Love the One and Only,