Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MTC: Week #3

Love the gold tie!
Helly everyone!
How's it going for ya'll? Hope everything is going just fine.  Happy Birthday Dad! I'm forgetting how old you are...what is it now...40? haha! Anyway this week has been super fun and has gone by so quickly.  Last Tuesday, Elder Russell M. Nelson came and spoke to us at the devotional.  I forget what he said to us, but I wrote it down in my journal.  Nothing out of the ordinary happened this week.  I've just been working with the language, which is slowly coming along.  Along with being able to pray, and bear my testimony, I can now teach the basics of the first three discussions and a few other things like teach someone to pray, asking them to turn and read certain scriptures, and a few other things that I can't remember at the moment.  We got two new "fake investigators" (our teachers Brother Prier and Brother Barton).  Both of them have taken on the role of being Buddhist or Yiguandao?  We haven't been able to commit them to anything really because we have been teaching them too long haha.  Me and Elder Boice need to work on not talking as much.  On Sunday, Stephen B. Allen came and talked to us and emphasized the point that we need to ALWAYS stay with our companion. 
This week one of the sister missionaries in my zone was feeling super sick.  We decided to have a zone prayer for her.  The room was filled with about 40 Elders and the spirit was so strong in there.  Afterwards, my buddy Elder Kirklin came into my room and said he had been prompted to tell me something else.  He felt he needed to tell my that "When we are and strive to be worthy, we as Melchizedek Priesthood holders can call on the powers of heaven to send down angels to bless the lives of others."  The spirit there was so strong that it made him cry and almost made me cry.  And remember, I don't cry!  I feel that there is a reason that Elder Kirklin has been prompted to tell me these spiritual insights. 
Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful last week of school.  As I walked outside the temple this morning I saw the beautiful blue sky and the Utah Lake right underneath it.  Oh how I wish I could spend just one minute out there.  But two years will go by real fast and then I'll have the entire summer to spend there.  Dad, Happy Birthday again! Hope you got everything you wanted, and I hope the ice cream cake was delicious.  I promised the Elders in my district that if I had any soda, or candy (unless I receive it in a package) then I'll have to do 100  PERFECT pushups.  Yesterday, I was tempted by a little ice cream popsicle and so I told my district they can expect 100 pushups from me.  And yes I did them all.  Gym keeps me from getting too fat.  I eat enough and then run it all off playing basketball.  
Love you all!  Zai jian wo de jiating (sorry there aren't any tones but it says "good-bye my family"), Elder Nick Smith