Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MTC: Week #7

It's Gymmer Time!
Ni hao family and friends,
 Wow the weeks just keep flying by.  Only 4 weeks left and I'm headed for Taiwan.  Thank you mother for that package you sent.  The ankle brace has and will continue to keep my ankle in place.  My ankle is feeling tons better now that I have it.  Hope yours continues to heal well mother.  Wow!!! CONGRATULATIONS Katie Sandersen on the engagement.  (Mom, if Katie doesn't get this at least tell her congrats for me.  Also I would like to see this man and see if I'm okay with him ha ha!) That is way exciting! Dad, I hope the therapy continues to help out your hip.  You better get it as strong as you can so we can go wakeboarding when I get home. Anthony, it sounds like you have been super super busy.  Maybe one day you'll be able to fit into a suit that small. Haha jk.  But I better see that six pack when I get home.  Spencer, continue to work hard at subway and at the exercise place.  Have tons of fun at Lake Powell.  Take lots of pictures and send them to me :)  Julia, when you go with your friends to Pineview, try to learn to wakeboard.  It is so much fun.  Landon, I want to hear from you, and from the rest of you as well, but I want to hear all your funny little sayings and about your scouting.  All of you that are going boating this summer, have lots of fun and take pictures so I can kind of imagine myself there.
 So this week, not much has really happened.  Last Tuesday, I finally got a new haircut and it looks a little bit better.  They still don't know how to cut it!  At the devotional that night, my district got to be ushers for it.  I don't know why, but lately we have been called to do a lot of stuff by the MTC: hosting, ushering, and now that the temple is closing this next week my district has the opportunity to clean it! I'm so excited for it.  Last Wednesday was an awesome day because I finally saw some more friends.  David Lowe and Levi Williams both came into the MTC.  There were a few more people that came in, but you probably don't know them.  So starting about Wednesday, they closed off most of the cafeteria and all of the main building because all 120 new Mission President's, and their wives, and The Quorum of the Twelve and First Presidency would be there for the rest of the week.  They were training all the new Mission Presidents and so they made everything all nice and lovely for them. 
 On Friday, we had a devotional where Elder David A. Bednar talked to us. He talked to us about being Preach My Gospel Missionaries.  Seated behind him was Elder Holland, Elder Oaks, Elder Nelson, Elder Anderson, and Elder Scott.  It was so amazing and the Spirit they brought with them was so amazing.  Sunday, after breakfast, I walked out of the cafeteria and I saw Elder Cook walk down the hall and into the bathroom.  Haha kinda weird but at least I saw an apostle besides from the devotional.  Later that evening, Stephen B. Allen came and talked to us again.  I keep forgetting to bring my notes with me when I write these emails, but his talk was so so good!  Thank you all for the letters you have sent me, and keep sending more.  It is so wonderful to hear from each of you.
 Love, Elder Nick Smith