Monday, July 25, 2011

MTC: Week #11

Why Hello Everyone,
So guess who is heading for Taiwan in the morning?? This guy!!! I am so excited.  I'm ready to get outta here, even though my Chinese isn't the best.  I cannot wait to leave.  So family, there was a slight change in my flight plans.  I mentioned it in my package home, but you won't get that for a couple days.  So we still head over to Detroit, but from Detroit we are heading to Tokyo Japan :) I think we are just refueling there but I will be able to say I've been to Japan now!  From there we are going to Taiwan.  So thank you for everything you sent me.  I love it all!  Packing these past couple days has been crazy because I have so many toiletries that were sent that they fill up one of my suitcases.  Hopefully I fit it all in.  I sent a package home with Julia's present. Julia--hope your birthday was fantastic!!! Enjoy your gift. Aunt Paulina and Uncle Mike, thank you so much for the package.  The peanut butter bars were AMAZING!!!
So quickly about this week.  We have just done our usual teaching, studying, and everything.  Few things... Last Tuesday Brother Hammond came and talked to us.  I forget what he said and my notebook is packed up but I remember it was good.  Wednesday and Thursday Elder Larson wrote the best poem ever! Maybe someday I'll have the privilege to share it.  Friday was Infield Success Day.  They talked about many things that will be happening in the next couple days and to better prepare us.  Things such as faith, planning, working with members, etc... Saturday was our last TRC teaching.  We just read scriptures with our person and shared insights.  He told us he will be in Taiwan in December and he wants to invite us over for dinner if we are in the area.  He gave me his phone number and email address.  I cannot wait.  Sunday was amazing.  In sacrament meeting me (piano), Sister Post(violin), and another Elder(cello) did a musical number "Our Savior’s Love."  We tried for a musical spot at one of the devotionals last week.  The lady who chooses said she really loved us but she wanted a few things fixed on the violin so she told us to come back.  We decided we would just do it in sacrament meeting and so we did.  Then all the people leaving did another musical number "Army of Helaman" with "Hark All Ye Nations".
Well thank you for everything.  Sorry this is all over the place.  I'm trying to type as fast as I can.  Wish me luck!!!  I'll be calling in the morning at the airport and when I land each time.  So yeah!!! Love you allElder Smith

p.s. Just now I gave a blessing to Elder Clawson.  He had some ingrown toenails and really wanted a blessing. It was on the spot but it was awesome—My first time giving a blessing to the sick.  Thanks dad for giving me the opportunity to do the anointing to Grandpa Kohkonen. I just got a letter from Elder Green.  His Chinese is pretty good and I cannot wait to improve my own Chinese.