Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MTC: Week #9

Lucky . . . saw some familiar Californians at the temple!
Hello everyone,
The days just keep flying by.  How is everything going for you?  Dad how's the hip coming along? You still doing therapy?  It sounds like you guys had a fun time hiking the Y this past week.  When I would walk outside I would look up the mountain to see if I could see you guys.  Who knows, maybe I did?  I never climbed it while I was at the Y, which I wish I would have.  Sounds like all is well with the fam though.  Keep working hard at that exercise place Mom, Spencer, and Julia.  Landon, keep working hard in your scouting.  Also, keep reading those books of yours.  Anthony, sounds like you had a super crazy week, but it sounds fun at the same time.  Hope you are doing well and keep pushing forward these last few months you have.  Thanks for all the pics from my friends!  Looks like Braden is having a wonderful time.  Chicken feet and heads=nasty.  But those pics from him and the bushman people look AWESOME!!!  It reminded me of my Anthropology class at BYU cause the Bushman are like all we focused on.  It made me want to go down there just to get a pic with them.
Sorry this letter will be short, nothing out of the ordinary happened this week. So each day has been filled with its different study times: personal, language, companionship, and guided study.  Each one is used to prepare for my next teaching lesson, so it varies day to day.  So that is probably the only thing that changes day to day, and its not by much.  On Sunday I had the opportunity to give the sacrament prayer in chinese.  It's a little scary doing it in a different language your first time, I'm just glad I did before I went to Taiwan.  I found out that this Wednesday, tomorrow, I will be hosting again.  It just so happens that Preston Anderson is coming in tomorrow, so I'll just be hanging out until I see him, and then I'll host him in here.  If you by chance see him before he leaves, send me a dearelder.com.  Well two more weeks left and I'll be flappin' on outta here.  This Thursday I get my travel plans so I'll tell you every detail about my flight plans next week. 
Sorry this letter is so short compared to the others.  Hope all is well with you and I love you all, yes, even you Julia!  Don't miss me too much!  Anthony, endure to the end and work your hardest! 
Love, Elder Smith