Monday, October 31, 2011


Hello everyone! 
First of all, Anthony I am so sorry I didn't wish happy birthday to you BEFORE your birthday.  Last Monday I got my new companion and I just completely spaced it in the email.  But I am proud to say I did sing "Happy Birthday".  I hope you had such a wonderful day.  Wow, for me, Halloween is today.  I decided to dress up as a missionary this year and so we'll see how much candy we get as we go tracting today.  So this week has been a new start pretty much.  My new companion, Elder Mutton, is from Adelaide, Australia.  We have gotten along pretty well so far and I cannot wait to see the change in these people here with him.  
So this past week has been very stressful!!!  AHHH!!! First of all, since my companion doesn't know the area as well right now, I have been kinda leading out in everything.  This added responsiblity has been a little tougher than it was without it, but I know this is only a part of what will be added on in the future.  Soon, this added responsibilty will just be normal for me...hopefully.  Also, this week has been extremely difficult to find people to visit with.  The University is having the mid-term exams this week and next week, and so all the students are cramming everything in right now.  Kinda reminds me of my days at college (which seem forever ago).  So this week has been focused really on finding former investigators and less-actives.  Not not happened other than that.  Sorry...
Mom you asked how we get Book of Mormons... Our mission gives them to us.  We still have this HUGE box full of them, but if you want you can send your testimonies and I can translate them into chinese (hopefully I'll be able to write the characters).  But that would probably be the best way to do it.  I don't know how you would translate it yourself, unless you had Uncle Mike do it.  But probably the best way to do it would be to send them to me and I can translate them.
Dad, I hope things are well for you at work.  Keep doing what you do, cause it is awesome.  Spencer, send me the pictures of your homecoming activity (and you need a haircut).  Julia, from the pictures mom sent me it looks like you work hard with VB, especially where you dive for that ball.  Landon, your would love all the cars here!  Also keep working hard in basketball.  Tell me all about Jr. Jazz and school this coming week.  I also expect to hear from you all this week, even you Anthony.  Tell me what I can do to be a more successful missionary!
Even though it was a tough week, I still absolutely loved every second of it. What can be better than helping of Father in Heaven bring his children unto him.  I hope you all have an Awesome Week and an Awesome Halloween. Love, Elder Smith