Monday, October 24, 2011

Transfer Call . . . I Have a New Companion

Hello Family and Friends,
So this past week has flown by so fast.  Each week keeps going by faster and faster.  I love your detailed letters and knowing how things are going back at home.  I'm still here in Fengjia and I got my new companion today.  His name is Elder Mutton, from Australia, and I cannot wait to get to work with him.  So I just got a huge responsibility since my companion moved.  I'm the only one who knows the area now, I'm the only one who knows our investigators now, and so I have a lot to do.  So we'll see how this all plays out the next few weeks.  Don't have much time so here we go...
So this past week we met with our good friend Arthur.  We had his two friends, both returned missionaries, sit down with us and we talked about faith, how to develop faith, and why it is so important.  We also invited him to keep the Word of Wisdom, and he knows it is going to be super hard for him.  He wasn't quite sure if he wanted to give it all up, but he said he would try.  The most important thing for him right now is to have his own personal spiritual experiences.  If he doesn't learn and apply what we have taught him so far, he isn't going to progress.  So having him do the basics right now I think will help him the best: praying, reading, and coming to church.
Don't have a whole lot else to say, but I absolutely love this work.  Its still a challenge to express myself to these people, because of the language, but with the Lord's help anything is possible.  I can't believe that Anthony's missionary days are almost over.  Anthony, make sure you stay busy busy busy so you don't get lazy.  I'm grateful for this time I have to be here as a missionary and I love you all.
With tons of love, Elder Smith