Monday, February 6, 2012

Stand as an Example of the Believers

Hello everyone,
How's it all going?  February already?!  Holy cow!  Anyway, it's good to hear from you all. Well mom and dad, it sounds like things went pretty well with those two Taiwanese boys.  You'll need to send pictures and all that stuff of them so I can see all what happened.  Seems like you got to experience a little bit of the Chinese culture too, well the language and whatever they may have told you about Taiwan and I'm glad you all got to experience a little bit of what I get to experience every single day.  Well, turns out I forgot my journal today, which means I forgot what all happened last week.  That's the only bad thing about getting old, is you start to forget everything.  
Well, this week we have been working with our good ol' friend Hua dx and helping him work towards baptism.  He really is super amazing and his faith continues to grow day by day.  As of right now, he has a goal to be baptized this next Sunday.  I'm so grateful for his willingness to follow the example of our Savior and be baptized. 
Our other investigator, Zheng dx, still hasn't gotten permission to be baptized.  We've been trying to do all we can with him to get his parent's permission.  We've been thinking a lot lately, and it may not the "permission" that is the problem, it may be his testimony.  So we have started working with him to help strengthen his testimony. 
Other than that, I forgot what happened last week. However, I'd just like to say that I am super grateful for the Book of Mormon and the power each little message brings.  In Mosiah 4:10 it says, "...if you believe all these things see that ye do them."  This little statement reminded me of the scripture that says, " thou an example of the believers..."  I just want you all to think about what you believe in.  Once you come up with it, go out and stand for it!  Ok? haha  I am so grateful that I made the decision to serve a mission and stand as an example for myself as well as to others, whoever they may be.  I love this work, I love my mission, and I love my life.  Til next time!
Love, Elder Smith