Sunday, March 18, 2012

I Know My Savior

Another Monday in HengChun means another week has gone by.  The days, especially this past week, go by slow, yet the weeks and months just seem to fly on by without saying hello.  
Last Monday was a great day of realization for me.  We ran into a Christian man who went off saying "I love Jesus.  Jesus loves you."  After talking with him for a bit, he didn't really know why.  He mentioned that Christianity was passed down in his family as a tradition, just like the Buddhist and Daoist religions.  I've also realized that religion is viewed by him as an "emotional crutch."  When you need it, you rely on it.  When you don't, you don't.  During this conversation, it hit me that I know why I love Jesus and why He loves me.  He loves us so much and gave us the gospel to help us learn and grow spiritually to help us prepare to return to our Heavenly Father.  It's not a crutch to lean on when emotionally in pain.  
Tuesday we had District Training meeting where we learned how to use the spirit to invite people to be baptized.  From there, we headed on over to one of our secondary areas to go contacting and find new investigators.  We went to visit a recent investigator, but he wasn't home.  His brother answered the door and was super willingly let us in.  We began teaching him and to be honest, it didn't go that bad. 
Well, sorry you only get a portion of this past weeks events.  Because these computers are timed, I only have a few more minutes.  Just want you all to know that I'm doing well, and will always be doing well.  Times get rough, but in the words of Elder Dong, "Just be happy and work your hardest."  
Well, that's all folks!
Love, Elder Smith 司馬長老