Sunday, July 29, 2012

Look what the cat dragged in . . . 1 year in Taiwan!

Brother Ke's baptismal day
Hey Everyone!
How's it going?  How'd your week go?  I hope it was full of joy and excitement like mine was.  It was great to celebrate Pioneer Day as well as being on the island of Taiwan for 1 year!  Despite the fact that my stomach was not comfortable (most likely due to food poisoning or a parasite), it was still a successful week.  With nothing else, lets get right on into it.
Monday we took time out of our preparation day to visit with our break-dancing friend, Mr. Zhang.  This lesson was a huge surprise to both my companion and I, but went absolutely perfect.  Before we even began teaching the lesson he broke down in tears.  He shared about the feeling he got by hanging around us and by talking with us, that it was something he had never felt before.  Tears flowed throughout the lesson as we shared about the personal relevance that the gospel has with him and his family.  His family situation isn't the best, and he feels that he can change it, and wants to with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is so amazing how the Spirit works within others.  As he prayed at the end, tears flowed as he asked for help and strength  in his family.  It is was a big surprise to see an 18 year old like him softened by the Spirit, giving him a desire to change.  
Tuesday I went on companion exchanges with my Zone Leader, Elder Peel.  He is such a great example to me and there were quite a few things that helped us connect and work well together (ADTR).  The biggest thing I learned from working with him was the ability to teach using scriptures.  I definitely saw the spirit it brought into each lesson, and the power and validity it brings to our message.  
Wednesday was a rough day for me, which made it rough to get a lot accomplished.  Long story short, the food poisoning, parasite, or whatever it was really got to my stomach which left us constantly riding back and forth to the nearest restroom.  Yeah, that sums the entire day up.
Thursday was similar to that of Wednesday, just not as bad.  However, we did have a few lessons along the way which did make the day go a lot better than it was.  
Friday brought a flow of memories back into my mind.  Went on exchanges with my District Leader and previous companion. Elder Garey.  The memories of us serving in HengChun together just flowed into our minds as we worked together, taught together, and just had fun together.  The highlight of that day actually resulted us splitting off and teaching two different investigators.  I sat down with a guy, Mr. Wu, and things just clicked well between us.  He has a Catholic background, but really wants to learn more about Christ.  I tried that lesson to share every principle from the scriptures.  I definitely saw the help and power that it brought into the lesson.  He understood with clarity each portion of the lesson which clicked right away with him.  The most important part that clicked for him was the authority from God.  He wants to learn more and I look forward to helping him in the near future.
Saturday was full of joy and excitement for us.  It was Brother Ke's baptism!  Although I didn't get to know him a whole lot before his baptism, he was prepared well and will be a great member of the church.  Our Mr. Zhang that we visited with on Monday came and watched him get baptized.  It was a great experience for him to see and then he stayed for the talent show our ward held afterward.  Turns out he even participated with us by break-dancing.  My companion did the worm as Mr. Zhang did some crazy dancing for the ward.  Overall it was a fun, successful night.
Well, because of time I gotta make this quick.  Missionary work is the best.  Seeing the change that individuals make because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the best.  I love seeing this change within these individuals as well as in myself.  I know that it is the path of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that leads to true happiness in this life and eternal happiness in the life to come.  I love this work.  I love my mission.  I love you all.  
Love the One and Only,