Sunday, August 5, 2012

August brings an unexpected Father's Day!

Dear Family and Friends,
August is here which means school is rollin' up here pretty soon here.  I hope you all enjoy these last few weeks before it all starts.  Yesterday was actually Father's Day here in Taiwan so, "Dad, Happy Father's day!  You're the best!  Love you so much!"  Well, this week was really great, the catch is that not a whole lot of work with our investigators went on this week.  However, I'll share a few of the highlights of what went on this week.
We'll start with yesterday.  Yesterday, our newest member Brother Ke got the priesthood.  Yeah!  We were super excited for him, yet it still doesn't feel like he is a new member.  Ever since I moved to this area I have been a bit skeptical that he was an investigator and not a ward member.  The transition from him being an investigator to a member has been super smooth.  There seems to have been no transition at all really.  He is doing great and is a super strong new member.
Friday night we visited with another one of the recent converts in this area and retaught and reviewed parts of the Restoration and the moved on into the Plan of Salvation.  I was on exchanges with Elder Nickell at the time and long story short, his relative (not quite sure what relation she has with him) accepted to be baptized.  We did not see that coming at all, but she accepted!  We referred her to the sister missionaries to continue to help her down this path with her.
Um, that's about it.  Today we didn't have a whole lot of time to email due to a random change in our district, and having to work with that, but things are still going great.  It's been great to hear from the family and also to hear from each of my friends.  It's been great to see the change and growth within them and hope that the gospel of Jesus Christ can continue to do the same to each and everyone of us.  I love you all, and expect more next week.
Happy Father's Day DAD!
Elder Smith