Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another fun and crazy week gone by . . .

Hello Family and Friends,
How are we all doing today?  Can you believe it?  August is almost halfway over which means that summer is almost at its close and school is on it's way.  Enjoy these last few weeks, and I know the family sure will/is at Aspen Grove.  Well, this week was a bit crazy so lets get right on into it.
So pretty much this entire week I got to spend time again with my previous companion, Elder Garey.  We found out last week that he would be training, and that his companion would be transferred a week earlier, and so that meant that Elder Garey would be spending the week with us.  Last week was crazy going to the train station, shipping of his companion’s stuff, and a lot more, so that is why last week's letter was a little shorter than normal.  Well, after we got all that taken care of we hit the road and got to work.  We ran into and talked to a lot of people, but not a lot were willing to meet with us.  Like everyday contacting people, I learn so much from taking these people's experiences, applying them to my own life and sharing how the gospel has helped me.  It has really helped me realize how much the gospel of Jesus Christ has blessed my life.  
Tuesday we began with a Zone Training Meeting and learned some new and possibly more effective ways to contact people on the streets.  I don't know how it is in other missions, but contacting at a stop light with 30 seconds is super rough.  In all honestly, it is one of the hardest things I have every done in my life.  Sounds strange, but it is.  However, this ZTM gave me some new ideas on how I can make it a lot better.  After that meeting we headed on back and we a delicious 便當 with Tyler (he says he added all of the family on facebook).  He then helped us accompany a lesson for that night with one of our investigators, Brother He.  His testimony really helped this man know that this message just isn't two white guys sharing this stuff for fun, but that it is true and that it has blessed him in his life.  The lesson was focused on the importance of reading and praying and how it relates to the Restoration, and what that all means.  
Wednesday was spent proselyting in Elder Garey's area, since he was unable to get a member to go out with him for the day, and it was great to visit with a few people I was able to visit with while I was on exchanges there.  I didn't know these investigators and less actives very well, but teaching once again with Elder Garey just felt good.  Just like the good 'ol days in HengChun.  Love that place!  We rushed from place to place, and then got ready for our English party.  Every 6 weeks, at the end of a move call, we have an "evaluation/party night."  The theme for this party was Pioneer Day.  We had some great activities going on, pin the ring on the bull (pin the tail on the donkey), a stick pull, square dancing, and a few more.  We then watched the movie Legacy about the pioneers and just had a great night with everyone.  
Thursday was a crazy day helping Elder Garey get together with his member companion for the day and then we traveled on down to our secondary area, Lin Yuan.  Well, long story short, every lesson that was planned down there fell through.  We spent some time searching for a few less actives down there before heading back on up to pick up Elder Garey.  Yeah, not a whole lot happened this day.
Friday began bright and early (4am) so that we could get everything all squared away so that Elder Garey could catch his train ride up to Taichung to pick up his new missionary.  Well, a lot of complications came up as we were on our way to the subway station to get to the train station, but when you are 有辦法, everything is possible.  Everything got taken care of all good, and other than being super tired the rest of the day, it was a great day.  Today we visited with an investigator, Brother Lin, that I had never been able to visit with.  He has been busy with work and school but we finally got to sit with him.  He had been taught a lot in the past, but all he really remembered was that he can't drink tea and coffee and can't buy things on sunday.  Well, we began from the start and he hadn't felt that God is his Heavenly Father.  Invited him to read and pray to know that He is.  He was willing and is willing to be baptized.  He said the only problems that will come up are not being able to live the WoW, as well as parent opposition.  A change can and will come as he reads, prays, developing his relationship with God.  God will provide a way to accomplish what he was asked us to do.  
Saturday we visited with our good friend Jay, our third visit with this guy, and watched the Restoration film to help him visualize it all, and then discussed what the Restoration means if it is true.  We also shared with him on how he can come to know and that it is only through the Book of Mormon that we can do so.  Last time we shared the Plan of Salvation because he was down cause his cousin died because of liver cancer.  He had lots of questions and we reemphasized that these things are true if the Book of Mormon is true.  He is great and has a huge desire to learn more and more.  
Sunday was super good for me.  I decided to do a special fast, even though last week was fast sunday, and saw the blessings that came from it.  A few of things came as I hoped they would, and a few others in a way that I didn't expect.  All in all, it strengthened my personal testimony on fasting and prayer, and the extra power that comes from it.  Had a great rest of the day just finding, working, sifting through the tares to find the wheat within.  
Wow, I am so grateful for this past week.  A lot of things happened this week, big and small, and they all really helped me and my testimony grow.  I know that the power of prayer is real.  I know that times are rough, and sometimes we feel distant from God; however, we can grow closer to Him through prayer and through reading the scriptures.  This church is true and that is all that matters!  I love you all and can't wait to hear from you all next week.  Take care!
Love the One and Only,