Sunday, October 14, 2012

It is worth it!

Hey everybody!
How's it all going?  Can I just say that conference was super amazing?  It was super amazing!  It was such a wonderful experience to gather together in our small little chapel, on this small little of island, to hear the word's of our dear prophet and apostles.  Other than not having my family right by my side, it felt like home.  Listening to conference and seeing the familiar buildings in good ol' Utah filled my mind with memories: memories of attending the conference center to personally hear and see each speaker along with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing sacred hymns of praise, memories of doing fall clean up in-between sessions, and memories of attending Priesthood session with my dad and brothers and then going out for a great snake afterwards.  To be a bit honest, I missed it all, but no worries cause we have several years ahead to enjoy.  With questions and investigators in mind, each talk given brought on inspiration to me and my companion on how we can help move this work forward in Taiwan.  
The work here in XiaoGang is going along well, a bit rough these past few weeks, but that is alright.  This past little while, my companion and I have been trying to get and to work with the ward a lot better.  While reading in Alma I read over a part that might be able to help us (yes, that includes you too) in our missionary work.  So the Nephites just had a huge battle and were "greatly afflicted" over what had just happened.  However, the people were "awakened to a remembrance of their duty," and from there the church was established more fully and thousands were baptized.  What was their duty?  To preach the gospel.  As representatives of Jesus Christ, we all have the duty and responsibility to share with our fellow brothers and sisters the wonderful message of the gospel plan, to help them understand the purpose of life, why we have trials and challenges, where we were and will go after this life, etc...   We are surrounded by people who need to know these things, but don't know where to find it.  Only we can help them.  
After conference I began reviewing last May's edition of conference and came across the talk, "Was it worth it?" by David F. Evans. I would just like to invite you all to read it and then think of who you know can benefit from the messages that we were just given this conference.  I know that each message was given for a reason, and there is someone in your life that can and will benefit from them--they just need to be directed to them with your help.  I know that missionary work can be viewed as the thing the missionaries do, but aren't we all missionaries?  I am so proud to be a missionary!  I am honored to wear the name of my Saviour and Redeemer, Jesus Christ on my chest.  I'm so glad that I made the decision to serve Him and I hope the young boyz out there will do the same and make the right decision.  Times are rough, some preparation days you look back and think to yourself, "Oh boy, what am I gonna write home to the family," but it is during these times that you grow in character more than you would anywhere else in the world.  I love being a missionary, I love this church, and I love you all!
Love you all,