Monday, April 2, 2012

April + General Conference + Newbee = Lovin' Life!

East Wall with tourists from China
P-day sightseeing with Elder Garey and other cool Elders
Oops! A slight plumbing setback!
Hello everyone,
Well how have you all been?  Things are going great here in HengChun and I just want to wish you all a happy April and I hope you all enjoyed General Conference this past week.  I won't be able to see my hometown or hear from the prophets until this coming weekend, which I have been waiting for every since last November.  Well this week went by really fast and went pretty well too. 
Monday was a great day to spend with my awesome companion Elder Garey going around to each of the entrances to the great wall of HengChun to take pictures.  I attached one with a bunch of the tourists at the East wall.  As we began proselyting, we were able to visit with one of our recent converts, an 8 year old kid, and we were just astounded at what activity he has been doing lately.  He made a bunch of flashcards and wrote certain things he had to do on them.  For example, one card said "Name off 5 of God's commandments," and he would do so.  I don't know what made him want to do that, but I think that every 8 year old kid should be doing the same thing. 
Tuesday was a great day to go on exchanges with Elder Morgan.  He has been in Taiwan for a total of 5 weeks and is absolutly loving it.  It was great to help him, as district leader, pass of his language evaluation.  It made me think back when I had was constantly preparing for those same exact evaluations.  It was great to be sitting on the other side of the table this time.  Because of the evaluation pass off and a few other things, we weren't able to do a whole lot of proselyting together, but we worked our best together that night. 
Well, I'm sorry.  Lately I haven't had a ton of time to write you all.  Right now I only have ten minutes, so I'll get to my last point I want to share.  So yesterday (Sunday night) we got done with planning and I immediately got a call from Elder Hermansen, in my district. He asked me if I had got "the call."  I said not yet, ended the call, and continued doing what I was doing.  I kept getting calls from him, each time, asking me if I had got "the call" yet. And I'd give the same response, "No I haven't got the call yet."  Well, earlier in the week this same Elder told me to try out eating some chocolate sticks with peanut butter, so I decided to use that as a way to mess with him.  So I called Elder Hermansen back and said, "Guess what......(long pause)... you were right.......(another long pause)... these chocolate sticks really are good with peanut butter." Ha Ha . . .  And as I said that I heard a beep on the phone and checked it out.  It was "the call."  I answered and it was President Bishop giving me the call to train this next coming transfer (which is this week).  I gladly accepted "the call" and went on with the rest of the night.  Yeah, that's basically my story for you all today :)
Well, I'm sad this will be my last week with Elder Garey, but I'm looking forward to my time with a brand new missionary.  I don't have much time to say much else.  Love you all!
p.s. Elder Garey broke his sink as he was praying; package stuff--still haven't gotten birthday package... next package: anything delicious that me and my trainee would love to eat ! 
Love, Elder Smith 司馬長老