Monday, April 9, 2012

The voice of the Spirit is soft and small, the counsel of our prophet is given to all

Elder Smith's buddy
Dear everyone,
"Where are you going?  Please take a seat!"--My favorite old man (attached is a picture of us together).  What I take from his favorite english phrases are, "Time...where are you going?  Please take a seat and rest a while.  You're going too fast."  I honestly feel like conference was a few weeks ago, and now its back again, but I'm grateful to have been able to take counsel from the prophet and and apostles of this church (and obviously those other leaders who were inspired to share messages with us as well).  This week was busy, super busy, and I'm glad it was that way.
Monday began with a lot of preparing and cleaning.  As for proselyting, we did the usual...find to teach.  We went out looking like crazy and talked to all we could!  After we contacted this young man, we headed on our way.  Turns out we were going against the traffic, so we slowly went our way.  This younger man came riding towards and I just had the thought "he's lost".  So I stopped and basically said to him, "you're lost aren't you."  Turns out he was from China, he was lost, and was looking for a certain place.  Quickly gave him directions and went on his way.  Even though we was in a rush, and from China, I was so grateful for heading to that super small prompting from the Holy Ghost.  I've been thinking back to that experience and it helped me realized how sometimes we do overlook those small and subtle promptings from the Holy Ghost, and how we take them to be from ourselves.  That was one humbling experience that I had this past week.
Tuesday began bright and early on a bus up to GaoXiong for a meeting for all those who will be training.  Learned quite a bit and was grateful for the counsel I received.  We then booked it on over to DongGang for our DTM where we discussed "Finding Joy in the Work."  There is so much to be grateful for and so much that brings me joy as missionary.  Even though rejection comes left and right, there are lots of other things (including old men who yell "Where are you going? Please take a seat!" whenever he sees you).  I was then fotunate enough to return to home with the Legend (a.k.a. Elder Hermansen) who helps bring joy into this work.  We were able to joyously spread the gospel in the short amount of time we had together. 
(Wednesday and Thursday were spent traveling)
Friday I met my new best friend Elder Taylor.  He is my new missionary, from Draper Utah, and I look forward to spending these next 12 weeks with him.  We have already and some adventures so far (being told we have bad luck because the creases in our fingers don't line up) and a wonderful 10 hour break to watch General Conference.  I loved the inspired words that each individual gave to us including the two word sermon from President Ucthdorf to "STOP IT!" as well as the wonderful words from Elder Holland "Don't delay...its getting late."  Many other things were shared and many areas where I personally can improve.  I only have 6 months to do so before next conference. 
I am so grateful for our wonderful prophet Thomas S. Monson and for the counsel he gave to us this past weekend.  I know that he is called of God to lead and guide and direct the Lord's church today.  I also know that he is an inspired man of God.  I know that this is the Lord's true church on the earth today and that through faith, repentence, baptism/renewing our covenants, receiving and seeking the guidance of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end will lead to us to a never ending state of happiness with our families and our Father in Heaven.  I'm grateful for the knowledge of this gospel, and that now is the time to prepare to meet God.  It doesn't start tomorrow or next week, it starts now!  I love you all, miss you all, but I love this call to serve.
Love, Elder Smith 司馬長老
p.s. check this out its the website of Brother Wang in the branch here
p.s.s. Here's a quick joke for y'all.  What's the quickest way to trim your garden? Put Julia in the driver seat.