Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Chill P-day

So last Monday we kept it kind of chill and went to the church and watched some church films and I was able to start up on my piano practicing.  Haven't played the ivories in a while.  We began the day off by visiting Sister Huang and she is the nicest lady in the entire world.  She has been a member for a long long time, and she made us an apple pie.  It was delicious!  We then visited with Brother Xu, our recent convert, and prepared him to receive the priesthood and prepared his son to be baptized.  They are looking good for this week and so we are excited to see Brother Xu see him baptize his son!
Tuesday and Friday we were went and visited Brother Zhuang.  I forget if I have mentioned him in previous letters, but he was one of the previous branch presidents and is now in a carehome because things aren't convenient for him at home by himself in a wheelchair.  He is pretty much the only one who is "all the way there in the head" and so he really enjoys our company and actually being able to converse with somebody.  We took him some dumplings and had a great little feast with him and were able to share with him a few things that we have learned from the scriptures over the past few days and strengthen his faith.
Well, sorry today's letter is a bit short.  We went and played with a member at Sun Moon Lake and our time for emailing is a bit short.  Sorry!  Things are going well though, we haven't been able to visit with that big family yet.  We have only got a hold of them twice ever since, went undercover and found their address.  We're hoping we can help this big family!  The gospel of Christ is the only thing that can bring eternal joy and happiness to this family.  
With Tons of Love,
Elder Nick Smith