Sunday, January 13, 2013

Get Rid of Those Snowbanks :L)

How's it going?  How's everybody doing?  Sounds like you're all enjoying the wonderful snow that just recently came on in.  Mom, thanks for the pictures of it all.  There are lots of people who would die to actually see some real snow here so I'm glad I could get a feel of what it's like.  So sounds like everything is going along great with the family and all, which is good to hear.  I'm doing just fine here in PuLi and here's the latest from this past week.  
Monday my companion and I were able to go ride around our area and visit a few Buddhist temples.  Pretty cool stuff!  Later on we were able to visit with a less active family, Liao, and got to know them a bit.  The mom and all but one of the kids are members, but they are all out and about at school in different areas.  They pulled out all their trinkets and stuff from previous missionaries and had such a great time.  Just like dad mentioned to me in his letter this week, all we need to do is to help them clear the "parking lot and sidewalk" to help them come back to church.  
Thursday we were able to visit with one of the previous Branch Presidents, who is also less active, and is now in a care-home because he recently slipped and fell and now is unable to walk about on his own.  He too showed us all the pictures of him along with missionaries and ward members and still has good feelings towards them all, his pathway just needs to be cleared to come on back to activity.  
I know this letter is a bit short, but I really enjoyed what dad sent to me in his letter.  Every since he sent it to me I have been thinking and pondering about it all.  From these two members we were able to visit this week, they both still have good feelings towards the church and to the missionaries.  Good enough to pull out old memories and talk about them.  However, there is just that snow bank that is blocking them from wanting to walk out the door and come back to activity.  Through faith and with the help of the Savior, those snow banks blocking us from progression in the gospel can be plowed away.  It won't be easy, but with faith anything is possible.   

With Tons of Love,
Elder Nick Smith