Monday, April 15, 2013


Dressed in white--my favorite color to wear!

Hey everyone!  What's up?  How you all doing today?  I hope all is going well for you all.  Well, wasn't General Conference just absolutely amazing?  Oh it was so good.  Because we had quite a few investigators attend, as well as technical difficulties, we were all placed in the chinese session so there was more that could have been absorbed from this conference.  However, I was still able to learn quite a bit and so I'll share a bit about what I liked.  Well, I hear tests and finals are coming up here so the stress is on.  Be strong, walk on.  Well, this past week was absolutely incredible.  Elder Chia and I have been able see and experience so many miracles in these short two weeks together and so hopefully I have time to share some of the things we went through this week.
Monday we had singles FHE and we had one of our investigators, Brother Li, attend.  The topic of the night was on faith, and we all read Alma 32 and discussed the differenent parts and aspects of faith.  I felt this lesson was really good for him and where he is at.  He has a goal to be baptized on the 27th of April and has had some things come up that has tried his faith a bit.  However, as he continues to do the small and simple things in his busy busy life, his faith can be strengthened. 
Tuesday we had a wonderful Zone Training Meeting given by Elder Chia and I.  Well, I thought it was pretty good and really helpful for our zone.  The vision we had was that we can all be happy, successful missionaries that the Lord would be pleased with.  I'm hoping the training helped the missionaries learn what they can do to become such a misisonary.  Then afterwards I went on exchanges with Elder Stratford and had a great time with him until Wednesday.  We worked hard and hit the streets in the pouring rain.  Rain or shine, their is no better feeling than to be preaching the gospel, especially when getting absolutely soaked.  So much fun!
Thursday Elder Chia and I saw so many miracles out and about.  From the morning til mid afternoon we hit the streets hard, probably harder than I've ever hit them before.  We were able to see so many small miracles as we were diligent.  Later on in the day we were able to visit with another one of our progressing investigators, Brother Chen.  We were able to take a family over to join us in the lesson to teach the Restoration.  The Spirit was so strong as we taught him the First Vision and the Book of Mormon, and his jaw was dropped as he was awestruck at such a miraculous experience.  All he could say was, "Wow, so amazing."  Such an incredible experience to experience!
Friday we saw a lot of miracles too, but time will not allow me to share.
Saturday and Sunday were super awesome with Conference.
What I loved from Conferenece/the things that I actually understood from it were the very first few talks, by Elder Packer and then another guy, sorry forgot his name.  However, what I liked was that we need to always protect our nests, our families and home.  There will be unexpected attacks that come and we need to be prepared at all times.  What I liked from the talk afterwards was about building on the foundation of Jesus Christ.  One of the many things I have learned on my mission has been this very thing.  As we build upon the foundation of our Redeemer, we will receive protection from the fiery darts of the adversary.  We can receive help, strength, and motivation to conquer, and not fall into temptation.  Building on this foundation will also strengthen those who are within the nest, our families.  I love my family and I'm grateful that we have been able to stay strong and united as we have built on Christ and his teachings.  I know as we continue to do so that our love and relationship will grow strong and stronger.  I love you all and hope that you can find relief here in a few weeks from tests and school and all that stuff.  LOVE YA!!!