Monday, April 8, 2013

Shine On!

Sister Lu's Baptism Day

Hey hey hey!  How's it going?  It was good to hear from you all and for all the updates with pics and stuff.  Thanks a lot!  So as I said last week I was unexpectedly moved to TaiZhong, in the NanTun area.  Let's just say it's a pretty wealthy area which is nothing like what I've been in my entire mission.  Landon would probably love all the cars here (Ferrari, Porsche, Maseratti, and lots of BMWs) .  So yeah, my new companion is Elder Chia, he's from Singapore.  Let me just say he is a stud.  He is such a kind-hearted missionary and I'm just so happy I get to feel that kind-heartedness daily. 
So Elder Chia and I worked super hard this week and hit the streets to find.  We came across quite a few prepared souls that we look forward to helping them start to progress.  Elder Chia and I have set some goals for what we want accomplished these next few short weeks and we're looking forward to a few baptisms, including a family.  Time is short but we're going to work with all we have to establish the church in NanTun.  We were able to baptism an amazing sister this last saturday, Sister Lu.  She has such strong faith in the gospel already and I know that others will want what she has when they see the light that illuminates from her personality.  She is such a lively new member.
Well, I'm really excited for conference this upcoming weekend.  I'm glad for the shares that I got from a few of you on the things that you liked and learned.  I have been looking foward to this event ever since the last sessions and I'm excited it is finally hear.  I look forward to sharing with you some insights I had and what I learned next week.  Sorry not much was written, but just know that I love you all and you'll be able to hear things in lots more detail here soon.  I love you all!  

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