Sunday, September 30, 2012

Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming Swimming Swimming, What Do We Do? WE SWIM!

Book of Mormon Activity

How is it going everyone? Hope all is going well. This past week I hear was a rough one for some of us, some more than others, and I know a little how ya all feel cause it too was a bit rough here in Taiwan. No worries, I have a feeling that this week will make up for last week's rough spots, especially since General Conference is this week. I won't be able to watch it until next weekend, but that's ok.  This week, as I said, was a bit rough, but we still had some awesome experiences.
Jerry is progressing more and more.  As I may have stated in earlier letters, he is already Christian, being baptized last year. We shared with him the Restoration of the Gospel along with the Priesthood authority and everything just clicked with him. He is willing to work towards a baptismal goal and knows he needs a priesthood holder to baptize him. He is still working towards fully keeping the Word of Wisdom, and has improved since last week. He still hasn't had a sip of alcohol and is working to chew less and less betel nut daily. From that point it'll be just to help him quit smoking and he will be well prepared. It's the small and the simple things daily that will bring this miracle come to pass.
Brother Hong Zhi Zhong is doing pretty well too. We finished teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ with him, and he mentioned he knows baptism is necessary, he is just not prepared yet. He is waiting for 'mighty' answer to come before he makes his decision to be baptized. We have planned to work on commandments with him and help him see the blessings and joy that come from keeping them. As he does so he will feel the Spirit work within him, and that's what he is looking for.
Brother Ye is a recent new investigator. He came to our stake conference last week and seemed to enjoy it a lot. Some of the talks mentioned the Plan of Salvation, and so this week we were able to teach him it. He came to church yesterday and again, everything just seemed to fit perfectly with the Plan of Salvation and what has caught his attention. He is doing great, is really searching for an answer, and again, it will come through those small and simple things. He accepted a goal for the 27th of this month and I'm excited to help him work for that date.  
That about wraps up this past week. The missionaries in my district got together and held an activity for the two wards that we are in charge of. The focus for the activity was the Book of Mormon (see attached photo).  It all went smoothly and really helped strengthen the members testimony on the Book of Mormon and helped those nonmembers understand more about our church. My testimony was strengthened as I heard the testimonies of the ward members. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that as we apply the principles within, we will become a better person, coming closer to God. I know that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, and that he, through the power of God, translated the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is clear proof that God loves us and I'm so grateful he does. I know he loves you all and is there to comfort us when we run into those rough patches in life. I love you all too! Until next week . . .  
With all my love,